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VIP trading conditions

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Automated trading

Do not want to trade all the time? Then let the Expert Advisor do it instead of you. Make your trading easier, more effective and convenient at the same time. Set up the parameters you want the robot to stick to, choose the trading strategy, and let the program make profit for you. You can check and change the functions any time. Watch your income growing.


Risk management is the process of identifying potential risks in your investment portfolio, and taking steps to mitigate accordingly.

A scalp in trading is the act of opening and then closing a position very quickly, in the hope of profiting from small price movements.

When the price at which an order is executed does not match the price at which it was made, it is referred to as slippage.

Stop orders are types of order that instruct your broker to execute a trade when it reaches a particular level: one which is less favorable than the current market price. They can also be known as stop-loss orders.

A market’s volatility is its likelihood of making major, unforeseen short-term price movements at any given time.

Technical analysis is a means of examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, by using historical price charts and market statistics. It is based on the idea that if a trader can identify previous market patterns, they can form a fairly accurate prediction of future price trajectories.

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating the intrinsic value of an asset and analyzing the factors that could influence its price in the future. This form of analysis is based on external events and influences, as well as financial statements and industry trends.